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Top 5 Reasons We Can Help You Be Successful

1. Experience

While Geneva Lakes Funding has been in business since June 1st, 2018, the founders and partners have over 45 years of experience in real estate lending, finance and loss mitigation. We have extensive experience helping real estate investors maximize the income from their projects and properties. We have successfully financed countless projects over the years, closing thousands of loans. When you come to us with a project, we know what we are looking at.

2. Speed

When a project presents itself, it is essential to be able to move quickly. As we all know, banks do not move quickly, especially not these days. We do. Given that we specialize in specific loan types and have years of experience, we can close your loan in record time, often in as little as a week.

3. Coverage

Geneva Lakes Funding is based in Wisconsin, but we operate in Illinois and Virginia as well. If your project is in these areas, chances are that we can help you. If you operate in multiple areas we cover, we can help with all of your projects financing.

4. Flexibility

Banks have limited flexibility in their procedures and your loan much check-off lists for approval, as well as stringent and limiting ways to assess value. At Geneva Lakes Funding, we actively look for the value in your project and lend based on the real or After-repair-value. For example, our popular fix-and-flip loan can provide you the financing both for the purchase and the renovation of a run-down property, because we base our lending on the value your work will add to the property.

5. Success

There is nothing more satisfying than an existing borrower coming back to us for another loan and hearing that we did a great job for them. We have successfully financed millions worth of projects over the years. We didn’t do that by taking unnecessary risks on bad projects. We did it by smart lending to investors and working with them to make sure their projects succeeded. A major part of that partnership is making sure you have the money you need to finish the project. We want to be your project lender.

Geneva Lakes Funding is a direct placement, private money lender. We originate and underwrite business purpose loans only and does not originate or acquire owner -occupied residential mortgage loans. For more information or to inquire about becoming a capital investor, funding loans, call us at (262) 222-6400

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